Andrea Schoenborn

Metamorphosis; (Graphite on paper; ongoing series; dimensions variable)

Metamorphosis is the result of my interest in the manipulation of materials and textured surfaces.
Everyday materials paper and pencil merge to create something new. A thick coating of graphite transforms a sheet of paper into a seemingly heavy metallic three-dimensional object.
The process is only revealed upon closer inspection, captured in the dense layering of fine lines applied with pressure over time.
Initially, the topographic surface might appear immutable but it is the opposite: constantly shifting in the changing light and the viewers line of sight.

Studio pic 23-05-2019, 11 32 29.jpg
Studio pic 23-05-2019, 12 27 10.jpg
Each work 41 x 50 cm
147 x 198 cm
115 x 96 cm
25 x 32 cm
136 x 111 cm
Studio pic
125 x 155 cm 3.jpg
147 x 198 cm
Art Düsseldorf 2017
Studio pic
Studio pic
Studio pic 2.jpg
Studio pic
Close up
118 x 149 cm
Studio shot
58 x 70 cm
30 x 35 cm
42 x 51 cm
42 x 51 cm